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Internet Marketing – Coaching Newbies

Internet Marketing; I consider one of the easiest ways to attract new people to your business is by writing short reports. Short reports should be just that; short. I like about eight to twelve pages but it really depends on your topic and whether your report is in the form of a review for the product you wish to sell or a free standing report.

The report should be informative and written in a logical sequence. What I would like to stress here, if you are writing a review on your product do not give all the secrets or salient points in your review. Just give enough information to tease the reader to want to learn more.

If you give all the best parts of the book in your review, there is a very high probability that they have all the information they were looking for on the subject and they will not buy your book. Write the report as if you were actually speaking to someone. What you must tell them is what you have and then you let them know what it can do for them if they get your book and follow the guidelines outlined in the book.

People want to feel they are going to learn something and gain if they are going to buy your product. It is not difficult to create a report that will, in one way, be a great advertisement for your product. Because that is really why you are writing the report – to sell the product you are talking about.

So now you can see why I am so fond of short reports. When you write a short report that is not a review of the product, make sure it is related in some way to the product you want to sell. An unreported report to your product will most likely not encourage this visitor to purchase the product.

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